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Empowering circularity

through a global 100% recycled metals offering guaranteed by
certificates for Silver, Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium.

Enabling traceability

of metals according to different chain of custody models in a world of
complex waste streams, residues and end-of-life materials.

Embracing sustainability,

resource efficiency and decarbonization in the metals industry.

Umicore’s recycled precious metals enable a significant carbon footprint reduction for your products and applications and as part of the "Let's Go for Zero" program, we will further evolve to zero footprint recycled metals, depending on the footprint of the different materials and waste streams entering the treatment plant.

Thanks to the complementary technological capabilities of our different production sites, we can tailor to your needs and offer three solutions to support your circular and responsible sourcing journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

The metals Ag, Au, Pt, Pd and Rh in a first phase. If there is a pertinent demand for other metals, we can look into expanding our offering.

Once the certificate is issued, it has no expiration date as the metal can be both short term used in applications, or long term stored for investment purposes.

The Umicore Nexyclus certificate is only valid for use by the direct beneficiary buyer of the Nexyclus metal units from Umicore Precious Metals Refining, as referred to in the shipment for pick-up or the metal sales transaction. The Umicore Nexyclus certificate cannot be further transferred downstream, without written approval of Umicore Precious Metals Refining.

Nexyclus recycled metals meets the same high-end technical specifications as those for primary refined metal.