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Mailing / Office Address

Umicore AG & Co. KG
Precious Metals Management 
Rodenbacher Chaussee 4
D-63457 Hanau-Wolfgang

VAT DE119066058
Tax 044/225/40001 Finanzamt Offenbach
LEI (EMIR - Legal Entity Identifier No.): 5299008E76P3DQKEZF03
EORI No. DE4499719

Registered at Hanau Municipal Court, HR A 92422
General Partner Umicore Management AG, Registered Office Hanau
Registered at Hanau Municipal Court, HR B 7200
Chairman of Supervisory Board Marc Grynberg
Executive Board Dr. Bernhard Fuchs

Head of Business Unit

Dr. Bernhard Fuchs

Senior Vice President Precious Metals Management & Umicore Marketing Services
T: +49 6181 59-4610

Nicole Höfler

Assistant to the Senior Vice President
T: +49 6181 59-4620


Paola Castellano-Weisser

Silver Trader
T: +49 6181 59-6294

Stephan Henkel

Gold Trader
T: +49 6181 59-6292

Oliver Stöhr

Trader Platinum Group Metals
T: +49 6181 59-6291

Sascha Hasenmaier

T: +49 6181 59-6297

Sven Bandilla

T: +49 6181 59-6293

Customer Service

Stefan Käßler

Business Unit Controller & Head of Customer Service
T: +49 6181 59-8202

Günter Kolberg

TQM Representative & Deputy to Head of Customer Service
T: +49 6181 59-4550

Adolfo Alonso

International Trade Business & Portugal
T: +49 6181 59-2030

Sabine Georg

Import Gold & Silver, Export Silver & Xetra Gold
T: +49 6181 59-4710

Claudia Herbert

German Industry I & German Investment Trader
T: +49 6181 59-4574

Ralf Hinz

T: +49 6181 59-2173

Nina-Isabell Keller

Asia, German Industry II & Xetra Gold
T: +49 6181 59-4690

Gaby Korthauer

Export & Import PGM, Export Gold
T: +49 6181 59-4595

Ute Rau

Foreign Exchanges Disposal & Loans
T: +49 6181 59-4408

Franziska Schröder

Italy, PGM Disposal & Investment Bar Production
T: +49 6181 59-2179

Nadine Staubach

German Banks, Slovenia & Intra Business
T: +49 6181 59-4538

Christine Ulrich

Weight Accounting & Intra Business
T: +49 6181 59-4996

Kai-Uwe Voigt

Weight Accounting
T: +49 6181 59-2619

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